Music Lessons in Lidcombe or Sydney West

When people think of education, they tend to think of STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and maths. These are indeed vitally important in an increasingly technological world. However, that doesn’t mean that the arts are less important. In fact, teaching the arts at an early age offers many advantages, such as the following.

Coordination and fine motor skills

Music helps hone auditory skills, but it does much more, too. Playing instruments and learning about music can improve hand-to-eye coordination, hand-to-ear coordination, and fine motor skills whether the student is playing the piano or cymbal.

Memory and focus

Learning even the simplest of songs on the piano, for instance, requires exercising one’s focus, mental and physical recall, and hand-eye coordination. By continuing to practice and learn, children make the connection that consistency is the key to mastery because repetition reinforces memory.

Language development

Did you know that learning music involves the same areas of the brain used to learn language skills? Playing instruments, singing, and learning new melodies all strengthen a child’s ability to process and comprehend new concepts. Children who possess strong verbal skills have a distinct advantage when it comes to both academic and social pursuits.

Maths skills

For people who haven’t learned to read music, printed music appears to bear no relation to chords on a guitar or keys on a piano. However, to a child who can read it, the little round notes deliver volumes of information about which strings or keys to play. What does this have to do with maths? Pattern recognition, which is an important fundamental skill.

Teamwork and discipline

Each child must learn the value of hard work for themselves. Music lessons in Auburn, Lidcombe, Strathfield, or Sydney West offer an opportunity for children to learn the kind of discipline that helps them see real rewards as their abilities grow. As children grow older, they can join ensembles, orchestras, or bands to continue practicing teamwork and building skills.

Confidence and self-esteem

Whether children take music lessons in Lidcombe, Strathfield, Sydney West, or Auburn, they’ll build skills incrementally in direct relation to the amount of effort they put into it. We show them firsthand the value of their hard work, empowering them as they see their achievements unfold. Also, performing music presents an excellent opportunity to develop the courage to stand in front of others and exhibit what they’ve learned proudly – a skill that will come in handy throughout their lives in situations such as job interviews and presentations.

Where to find music lessons in Sydney West, Auburn, Lidcombe, or Strathfield

If you’re looking for an early learning centre offering music lessons in the Strathfield, Sydney West, Auburn, or Lidcombe areas, Begina Education Centre can help. We are committed to fostering children’s development in our state-of-the-art facilities through multiple class options, homework help, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide your child with the educational support they need and be sure to ask about attending a free trial class. We look forward to helping you provide your child with the very best.