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Begina Education Centre

In our classroom, students grow with happiness, confidence and energy!

Begina is a brand new, innovative educational experience. Designed with the philosophy that learning should be fun, engaging and motivating, Begina provides the educational advantage your child needs in a state-of-the-art facility. You can come visit us at our Lidcombe early education centre.

Here at Begina, we understand how precious family time is. We have organised our classes so you can enrol in a way that suits your family, freeing up your week and reducing the amount of driving around from lesson to lesson, day after day. Just imagine, homework help, STEM, Arts and Music all in the one convenient location.

Learning Through Play!

We provide structured activities to your child to enhance their early learning years.
Musical Phonics
Our “Musical Phonics” curriculum consists of 10 levels. Each level enhances the speech and hearing sensitivity of children.
Raise student STEM participation and achievement through increasing student aspirations .
Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. The ability to be creative can reflect and nurture children's emotional health.
Music training has been found to be related to better language and mathematical skills, higher IQ and overall greater academic achievement.