Begina Kids Club!

Kids Club Operating Hours:

School Terms:

After School Kids Club: 3pm – 7 pm

School Holidays:

Morning Session 9am – 12pm
Afternoon Session 2pm – 6pm

Public Holidays:


Christmas and New Year

Closed from 24th December 2018
Re-opening on 14th January 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘Begina Experience’ and why does it work?

The ‘Begina Experience’ is based around the fundamentals that make up the Begina Education programs. Each program is adaptable and flexible to the learning abilities of each individual, children are given the opportunity to learn through socially creative shared experiences and play.

The Begina experience works as we believe that play is one of the main ways in which children learn, it helps build confidents and self-esteem by giving the child a sense of their abilities and to feel good about themselves.

Play allows each child to develop competencies and to strengthen their levels of concentration, as they become absorbed into the activity and lose themselves within the lesson – they achieve set outcomes and personal learning goals.

Most of the programs will be running at the same time in different classrooms, children will take turns to complete programs of their choice.

Due to the nature of Piano lesson is conducted in the small group, centre manager will notify the parents if the attendance of piano lesson as exceed it’s daily limit, parents can choose another day or stay on the waitlist.

What are the benefits of my child learning extracurricular activities?

Here at Begina Education Centre we understand the need for children to have access to well developed, structed activities to assist learning in the early years of an individual’s life – we see these as the exploration years in which children can find enjoyment in what they learn, through play based activities.

Studies have shown that the early year’s in a child’s life is when most learning occurs.

Recent research confirms that the first five years are particularly important for the development of the child’s brain, and the first three years are the most critical in shaping the child’s brain architecture. Early experiences provide the base for the brain’s organizational development and functioning throughout life. They have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities.’ (Facts for Life. 4th Edition)

At Begina Kids Club we have used professionally designed and facilitated learning activities that are not only fun and engaging, they are aiding in social and emotional well being and giving a child the opportunity to expand the ways in which they learn and how they learn, skills that they will use for life.

What are the benefits of using Lego as a part of the STEM curriculum?

As the foundation of our STEM based activities Lego has a multitude of educational benefits for children (and adults) in their early learning years.

Lego provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment.

  1. It teaches children to think in three dimensions.
  2. It improves literacy as children work with instructions.
  3. It develops problem-solving, organisation, and planning by construction.
  4. It improves creativity.
  5. It enhances communication and critical thinking.
  6. It develops fine motor skills.
Do you do school pick up?

We offer school pick up from Lidcombe Public School and St. Joachim’s (booking necessary). Our staff will walk the students from their school to the centre. In the case of wet weather, we will do a car pick-up.

Unfortunately we do not pick up students from other schools. Parents will need arrange their own pick up service, we do have a list of recommendation for your consideration.

We also have contacts who are willing to do school pick ups if your child is attending schools further away from Lidcombe Station.

Does my child need to bring anything?

The Begina Kids Club provides most the required supplies for each activity – they even have an onsite piano to cater for music lessons.

  • For Robotics and coding – students need to bring their own Ipad or smartphone for the app to run the program.
  • For Piano lesson, students need to bring the piano book they are currently learning and practicing.
How are the activities Structured?

During the school terms, the Begina Kids Club activities are structured so that your child can get the most out of each session that they attend. Activities are run on a continuous basis throughout the afternoon beginning at 3:00pm and ending at 6:00pm (doors close at 7pm) – allowing students to change from one activity to the next (depending on their payment plan) as the teachers see fit. We currently run Literacy and Homework Hub, Art and Drawing Classes, and STEM workshop.

We have professionally trained staff help to facilitate learning and guide the children in a structured way so that each individual child has a certain degree of control on how and what they learn. Parents may also speak to the centre director to discuss ideas on what activity they might like their child to take part in: thus, developing a curriculum program specifically catered for their individual child’s wants and needs.

There is also group piano lessons that can be included in the package. It is a teacher-led lesson run with a focus on music appreciation in the early years, and is run in 30-minute intervals to make sure each student is given the opportunity to learn and to keep students engaged throughout the session.

The school holiday sessions run in two parts – Morning Session 9am – 12pm and Afternoon Session 2pm – 5pm (doors close at 6pm). For whole day enrolments, lunch and free play is from 12-2pm. The structure runs similarly to the school term kids club, without Homework Hub.

Begina Education Centre can change the structure of the programs at their discretion.

Are your staff qualified?

All the staff at Begina Education centre are qualified in their specific fields, we employ teachers, early childcare facilitators, musical instructors, speech pathologists (specifically for our musical phonics program) and experienced programmers and educators, each member of our team holds a suitability for working with children (WWC – NSW). You can see more information about our staff in the ‘Our Team’ section of our website.

What do my fees cover?

Begina Education Centre generates an all-inclusive tuition fee which covers the cost of all items and resources including stationery, writing implements, books and technical equipment.


A one off sign up fee $55 per child is required to reserve a place in our program.

  • Tuition fees also pay the following
  1. The employment of professional tutors and administration staff, contract payments associated with fire protection, pest control and security services. They also pay for insurances, electricity, audit fees and other professional costs, rates, cleaning supplies and telephones.
  2. Maintenance of grounds and repairs to plant, equipment and furnishings.
  3. Classroom and specialist resources, general office and stationery costs, copy paper, postage, professional printing and staff professional development costs.
  4. Capital expenditure involving centre and office furniture and fixtures, computers and other equipment.


  • Methods of Payment

Fees may be paid by cash, direct debit, bank debit (EFT) or credit card (Mastercard, Visa – NO AMEX). EFTPOS facilities are available at the office. Credit card payment may be made in person at the office.

NOTE: Payment by cash should only be made in person and a receipt obtained at that time. Where circumstances exist to make it necessary, any claim that tuition fees were paid in cash must be supported by a Begina Education Centre receipt.

Direct Debit: $5.5 dishonour fee.

Are Make-up Lessons offered?

Makeup lessons are not offered for missed lessons. Exceptions will not be made so we kindly ask that you adhere to the policy to avoid disappointment of refusal.

If your child misses 3 or more consecutive lessons due to illness, you may apply for credit.

Make up lessons will only be issued under the following guidelines:

Begina Education Office has received 24 hours’ notice prior to the lessons commencement.

Student has not exceeded their maximum of two makeup lessons within 3 months.

Any notice less than 24 hours will only be accepted with current and relevant medical documentation, covering all missed lessons.

Make up lessons will only be taken within next 1 week where lessons were missed and only where there is a position vacant. We cannot guarantee times will be available to suit your needs.

*Make-up lessons is not available for sessions that are under special promotional offer.

What happens if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell you are required to notify the office at Begina Education Centre. If your child misses 3 or more consecutive lessons due to illness, you may apply for credit.

Do you use the same teachers on a year-round basis?

At Begina Education Centre we endeavour to provide you with the most consistent experience as possible, however there are occasions when teacher changes are required.  Please be advised that we cannot guarantee instructors from term to term.  Please note refunds will not be given as a result teacher changes.

What happens if a lesson is required to be cancelled?

Class occupancy is a major factor in determining whether a class will need to be cancelled.   If your chosen class is not 50% full, a staff member may contact you to transfer to an alternate class.  All lesson cancellations are at the discretion of the Centre Manager.

What days are the centre closed?

Centre will be closed during all public holidays, students can book a make-up lesson if the scheduled day falls in public holiday.


Begina Education Centre will be closed on the following holidays.

  • New Year’s Day
  • ANZAC Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Saturday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Queen’s Birthday
  • Labour Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
What are your hours of operation?

The Begina Kids Club operating hours are as follows:

After School Kids Club 3pm – 7 pm

School Holiday Kids Club: Morning Session 9am – 12pm; Afternoon Session 2pm – 6pm

Public holidays: CLOSED

Please note, late pick-ups will incur a fee. For more information please check our policy here.

Can I drop off my child earlier before class starts and pick them up later?

Begina Education Centre operates on a parent duty basis: Our professional educators are there to educate and facilitate learning, we are a tuition centre and are NOT registered as a day care centre.

As such we do not cover the same adult to children ratios with paid and disclosed staff as a day care would for all sessions. Therefore, we expect parents/carers to help staff by staying on site as much as possible whilst their child takes part in their activities. However, we understand that there are circumstances in which parents will be called away during the tuition times. If this is the case, the parent/carer is required to be there to collect the child as soon as the session ends. Each session is time based and the next session will start within it’s set room.

If the child remains at the centre after the session ends with no contact being made to Begina Education Centre in advance, Begina Education Centre reserves the right to charge a fee in relation to care given to the child which requires a minimum of 2 staff members. For such purposes you will be charged $1 per minute, per staff member. You will be required to pay immediately before your child will be released back into your care.

E.G – $1.00 X 20 minutes X 2 staff members = $40.00

Begina Kids Club offers kids the ideal

After school and school holiday programs

In our classroom, students grow with happiness, confidence and energy!

Our program is based on the philosophy that children would learn better when they participate in activities which are of interest to them.

At Begina Kids Club we provide professionally designed programs which are tailored for school kids to develop their talents in every aspect, such as arts, music, literacy, design, science, technology and other programs.

Learn about


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics): Lego, Robotics, Coding and 3D Printing

STEM has been introduced into the NSW school curriculum in the last several years.

Being involved in STEM activities, students can apply their science knowledge into the actual projects they operate. In the learning by doing model, students are encouraged to design & build (Lego) by themselves, students are intellectually stimulated by controlling and manipulating robots through coding and programming  (Robotics and Coding) and developed 3D spatial concepts and design skills by designing real 3D objects in applications, and print out the objects with 3D printers.

These STEM activities can effectively assist the students to connect the concepts learned to the real world scenarios.

Make music with

Piano Lessons

In our classroom, students grow with happiness, confidence and energy!

We have a qualified music teacher and dedicated instrumental learning space on site.

The Begina kids club group piano lessons have been structured to introduce students to music through listening, interacting and music appreciation & enlightenment and enjoyment. It gives students the opportunity to co-operate in a fun environment with an emphasis on ‘opening the ears’ before the lessons progress into the technique side of playing the piano.

Individual lessons are available for students who wish to have a more structured lesson and learning towards AMBE examinations.

Get creative at

Art/Painting Lessons

The Begina Art Lessons start to introduce children to various elements, concepts, processes, and techniques that are needed to understand visual arts and the function of the artist, through a series of activities, art appreciation, group discussions and individual informal presentation of works completed.

The importance of

Spelling & Reading

In our classroom, students grow with happiness, confidence and energy!

Begina Kids Club takes a Word Study approach to spelling and reading. Word study is a method that moves away from the traditional method of memorisation and focuses on the phonemic relationship between letters and sounds.

As an extension of our musical phonics program we encourage children to attempt new vocabulary, spelling and comprehension to help advance their spelling and reading skills.

Learning to read is directly related to the ability to recognise words quickly and easily (automatically). Here at Begina Kids Club we implement activities that focus on meaningful spelling instruction that allows children to understand the logic and patterns behind various spelling and how they apply to different words and contexts.z

Our helpful

Homework hub

The Supervised Homework Hub at Begina is designed for students who require assistance to finish their daily homework, it gives parents the satisfaction that their child is receiving an extra, focussed homework session that will not only enhance or improve their academic performance, but it also gives back to time spent together as a family without the added pressures and stress that daily homework supervision can bring.

Learn skills at the

Chess Club

Caters to players of all levels (Beginners to Advanced). Each week the chess coach conducts a lesson to teach a new skill that is appropriate to the level of the children attending. Beginners will learn how to play and all of the rules of chess, progressing to learn some basic checkmates and strategies later on. Intermediate and Advanced players will learn about opening theories, tactics, strategies and endgames improving their game and expanding the calculation skills and foresight that they have already been developing.

Children will also be given time to play friendly and competitive games against each other and to solve simulated chess puzzles.