This is why you should read to your child..

Reading stories is a habit that has been passed on from generation to generation and which the little ones love. We all know that it is the perfect remedy to calm your children and prepare them to go to bed. Something that we need to consider as well is that it will also allow them to visit different worlds, worlds full of charm and different emotions. Stimulating children’s imagination is not difficult, as this is a characteristic of the infantile stage. While the child listens or reads and engages with a story, he also imagines how the character feels, the environment, the problems that they face and the resolutions. It is a very good exercise to stimulate creativity, problem solving abilities, and also empathy in the children.

If you are looking for a bedtime story, fairy tales are the best option. Following the footsteps of the hero of the story the child acquires or strengthens self-confidence and feels capable to drive away nightmares and typical fears of the night. Being the phrase “Once upon a time” the typical phrase of children’s stories, every time the child hears it, he will be automatically transported to other universes, imagining new realities.

It is clear that when a child hears a story, he identifies himself with its protagonist, he feels like a hero and gets valid arguments to face his own fears. Fantasy allows the kid to take courage and have more control over his own life. It will helps him to accept himself as a person and to trust more in himself

Children are constantly growing, so it is very important that both the emotional part and the cognitive part develop, so that they become integral people that adapt to different environments.

Choose a colorful book or if you can get an interactive one even better, spend whole nights creating different realities and worlds, the little ones will love it and you will be helping them to open their minds to the real world

We encourage you to bring your children to our Book Club so that they can start developing their love for reading. You can get in touch here.