Enrol Your Kids in One on One Tutoring Services and School Holiday Programs in Greenacre

When you want the best for your children, you must consistently focus on their future. The best way to do that is to ensure that they have a consistently enriching environment that stimulates their minds and imaginations. While traditional schooling is a part of that, there are still gaps that need to be filled, particularly with after-school programs and school holiday tutoring. Greenacre families now have access to a way to address those gaps, however.

Begina Education Centre offers programs and tutoring services for Greenacre from our Lidcombe centre. These programs are customised to provide children with training and education in a variety of subjects as well as art and music. The science is clear that well-rounded educational approaches produce astounding results for children, especially during their younger years. Therefore, we offer both pre-school and after school tutoring for Greenacre students. More than just simple tutoring, however, these programs address your child’s individualised needs and give them the opportunity to grow at the speed that is appropriate for them.

Make the Most of One on One Tutoring in Greenacre Both After School and During the Holidays

Ordinary care after school and during the holidays is a consistent need that many working families encounter. As helpful as it is, it nevertheless lacks that extra educational component that will expand your child’s mind. Begina Education Centre provides the one on one tutoring that finds your child’s developmental strengths and growth opportunities and focuses specifically on them.

This personal approach ensures that the education is consistently geared to where your child is and helps move them towards future goals. The technique is to build on what your child already knows and has mastered, turning that into the foundation for more complex maths, musical techniques, and reading analysis and comprehension. Our approach blends the analytical with the creative, thus engaging both sides of your child’s brain and helping them think laterally and learn new ways to approach old problems.

Choose a Package That’s Right for You and Your Children

We offer a variety of packages that are designed to give you flexibility. For the holidays, we offer both half-day and full-day sessions at weekly rates. During the regular school term, our tutoring begins at an hour session but expands to include multiple lessons and a homework hub, as well as a piano lesson in our best value package.

Our team of professional educators is deeply invested in proper education for children. In fact, most of our team are parents themselves and understand the unique challenges and rewards of parenthood. Raising a child is rarely easy, but there are ways to minimise the strain while still providing an excellent atmosphere and opportunity for your children to learn and grow.

To help answer questions that you have, we also offer a trial session, so you can learn a bit more and see how your kids would benefit from our programs. Contact us today to schedule that and to find out more.