Prepare your child for the future!

Prepare your child for the future!

Learning new vocabulary will allow your child to have better communication with his social environment, being able to describe in a better way what they feel, want or expect. It is well known that a child who can communicate in a fluid way feels more confident in himself and as a result, his self-esteem remains firm.

Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension, helping your child to have a better understanding of what other people say and what is expected from him. Having more vocabulary at their fingertips strengthens their ability to capture ideas and have a more logical thinking.

Moreover, the more words they learn, the better they can articulate, what is obviously a basic in language development. If you want to have alert kids they need to absorb as much information as they can.

It is essential that every child expand their range of vocabulary so that they can have an optimal development throughout their lives, no matter what they want to become in the future since one of the most important secrets to success is to have a broad spectrum of vocabulary.

According to Science Daily, kids who pick up more vocabulary are more motivated to learn, this motivation is preserved over the years, helping them, when they become adults, to acquire a second language.

In Begina Education Centre we have a unique methodology in vocabulary teaching involving music, booklets and mimicking, what makes our classes fun and spontaneous, where they will learn how to pronounce words and their meanings. The result is kids with strong vocabulary and high level of understanding and communication.

Besides this, our classes have the adequate size so you can be sure that your child is going to have the attention needed and required.

Don’t think twice and let your kids go through this amazing opportunity! Remember that you are building their future.

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By Arlen Fisher