Build Phonemic Awareness Through Lessons in Lidcombe

As a highly engaged parent, you want to provide your child with the best education available. While most of us believe language acquisition is something that “happens” with time and immersion, speech and literacy are cultivated skills that require development and enrichment. Most importantly, language literacy has strong implications for future success academically, socially, and professionally. Fortify your child’s language development with phonics lessons at Lidcombe’s Begina Educational Centre where we utilise play and their interests to bolster engagement in the academic and life skills necessary for prosperous futures.

Scaffolding Phonics Lessons Near Auburn and Strathfield

Our phonics lessons in Lidcombe strive to enhance fluency of articulation, comprehension, vocabulary, reading, and spelling. Phonetic awareness has been linked to a child’s success in developing reading, spelling, and speaking skills. Provide your child with a robust phonetic foundation at our musical phonics class designed for pre-kindergarteners aged 2-5. Classes are broken up into two levels and are held mid-day except for Wednesdays and Sundays. Using play, we sing songs, create treasure hunts, and play games focused on phonic awareness and mimicking.

Once your child enters school, they can continue their phonics lessons during our after-school program which focuses on literacy — specifically spelling and reading. Retaining an emphasis on fun and engagement, we use stories, games, and play to enhance vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension. Goals include increasing the speed and smoothness of reading through familiarity with sight-words and internalising spelling rules and patterns for universal application. Our speech pathologists are skilled at working with students who have speech impairments as well as students who speak native languages at home and could benefit from extended practice, guidance, and support learning English. We work closely with parents providing regular progress updates and adapting lessons to your child’s individual needs.

One Facility, Plentiful Opportunities

Begina Educational Centre’s state-of-the-art facility in Lidcombe is fully stocked with the latest technology and all the supplies necessary to support your child’s success. We have students thriving in our phonics lessons from Auburn, Strathfield, and throughout the neighbouring community of Western Sydney. If your child’s school is suggesting phonics lessons in Strathfield, our Lidcombe centre is an all-encompassing solution that supports your child’s educational needs while providing them with the opportunity to explore other interests – without you having to drive back and forth. Book your child for 3:15 pickup from Lidcombe Public School or contact us about third-party opportunities to facilitate your child’s phonics lesson attendance.

In addition to phonics lessons and homework assistance, our after-school sessions run various interest classes including art, music appreciation, robotics, chess, and instrument lessons (small group and individual). Supportive staff with professional backgrounds in education lead each simultaneously running small-group class to maximise class availability. Many classes are offered on a “casual” basis meaning that students can drop-in as desired—which is ideal for students coming from Strathfield or Auburn or those who have weekly conflicts such as organised sport. Our pricing system offers discounts for multiple child enrolments and is broken down to allow families program package selection that best suit their schedules. The centre opens daily at 3pm, and all students must be picked up by 7pm. We are closed public holidays but offer a morning and afternoon session for school holidays.