Introducing our Piano Teacher Grace Song

Proudly introduce our piano teacher Grace Song starting with BEGINA from term 1 2018. Students can start to book casual lessons now and term based session will commence in 2018. Grace is fluent in English and Korean.

Grace is a graduate of Academy of Musical and Performing Arts, Sydney and has a master degree of Music (Performing Arts, Jazz piano). Her music career as a jazz pianist has been developed by presenting her band on various stages.

She has more than 20 years been in teaching music by her private lessons in Korea and Australia. Recently she had been involved in a number of before and afterschool music programs for primary schools throughout the Sydney Basin.

She has also worked with children and teens in music education and encouraged them to continue their musical development. She is a communicator and an encourager, inspire her music student to grow their passion, gifts and talents as well as skills. She is super positive and loves sharing her passion in music to others.