Can I drop off my child earlier before class starts and pick them up later?

Begina Education Centre operates on a parent duty basis: Our professional educators are there to educate and facilitate learning, we are a tuition centre and are NOT registered as a day care centre.

As such we do not cover the same adult to children ratios with paid and disclosed staff as a day care would for all sessions. Therefore, we expect parents/carers to help staff by staying on site as much as possible whilst their child takes part in their activities. However, we understand that there are circumstances in which parents will be called away during the tuition times. If this is the case, the parent/carer is required to be there to collect the child as soon as the session ends. Each session is time based and the next session will start within it’s set room.

If the child remains at the centre after the session ends with no contact being made to Begina Education Centre in advance, Begina Education Centre reserves the right to charge a fee in relation to care given to the child which requires a minimum of 2 staff members. For such purposes you will be charged $1 per minute, per staff member. You will be required to pay immediately before your child will be released back into your care.

E.G – $1.00 X 20 minutes X 2 staff members = $40.00