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Pre-School Classes
2-5 Years

Musical Phonics

Suitable for children between 2 – 5 years.

For K – Y6, please refer to Spelling and Reading course.

Musical Phonics at Begina is a program that helps children master phonics and develop spelling, reading and speaking skills. It employs a musical and play-based approach to make learning English easier for children.

Teachers deliver the program in English, but are also capable of delivering the program in Mandarin Chinese. The program uses phonics songs that are fun and functional, treasure hunts and games to encourage phonemic awareness and mimicking, and picture cards to help children comprehend and memorize new vocabulary.

We have a whole scope and sequence of programs ranging from early literacy through to advanced language and literacy skills. Each program is ability-based, and once your child achieves the outcomes of a phase they will be progressed onto the next phase, which builds upon their newly acquired skills.

We work closely with Children who speak a second language at home, who wish to have a fun and systematic way to learn English. We also work closely with children who are seeing a speech therapist to assist them with practicing their phonics.

Learning Focus Goals: Articulation, Comprehension & Vocabulary, Reading & Spelling

Phonemic awareness is a powerful predictor of the likelihood of reading, spelling, & speaking success



Monday: 10am – 11:30am (Level 1)  and 11:30am – 1pm (Level 2)

Tuesday: 10am – 11:30am (Level 1)  and 11:30am – 1pm (Level 2)

Thursday: 10am – 11:30am (Level 1)  and 11:30am – 1pm (Level 2)

Friday: 10am – 11:30am (Level 1)  and 11:30am – 1pm (Level 2)
Saturday: 10am – 11:30am (Level 2)
Start-Up Maths

Start-Up Maths teaches kids aged 3-5 the core maths and problem-solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons.

Start-Up Maths highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn.


Subjects we are going to cover:

– Numbers 0-10

– Counting forwards/backwards

– Tens frames

– Number lines

– Add/subtract to 10

– Odd/even Numbers 11-50

– Number operations

– Doubling, 1 before/after

– Place values (Ts and Us)

– Counting forwards/backwards

– Groups/skip counting Numbers beyond 50

– Hundreds to millions

– Forward/backwards

– Shapes & Patterns

-Mental Strategies


– Days of Week






Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays:

Level 2  Age 4-5  10am – 11am

Level 1  Age 3-4  11:30am – 12:30pm

Saturdays (from November 2018)

Level 2 Age 4-5 10am – 11am


Free trials available, contact our office for bookings.

Kids Club Classes
5-12 Years

Spelling & Reading

Suitable for children from Kindy to year 6.

This is an extension course from our musical phonics.

Each session we challenge children with new vocabulary, spelling and comprehension, reinforce the phonological awareness from our Musical Phonics program to help them advance their spelling and reading skills.Spelling helps kids read with more fluency.

A large portion of learning to read with fluency is the ability to recognize words quickly and easily (automatically).

Meaningful spelling instruction helps kids understand the logic and patterns behind spellings and how those same patterns apply to other words.

This course is included in Begina Kids Club program.

Art Lessons

Painting is one form of the arts which fosters creative expression and develops the potential talent of your child from an early age. Younger children are naturally open, curious and intuitively creative. Whether they are sketching on paper or painting on an easel, our classes spark imagination and curiosity.

Enlightening Class (Up to Year 2)

Aim to tap into your child’s natural interest in drawing and painting and further develop their creativity.

Topics covered include:

  • Colour recognition
  • Material graf
  • Feeling and experiencing various materials
  • Crayon
  • Colour collage

Improvement Class (Year 3-6)

Aim to increase children’s observation skills in drawing and painting, develop their ability to represent three-dimensional space and further enhance their imagination and creativity.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic sketching
  • Pencil sketching and line drawing
  • Knowledge of colour
  • Tonal training
  • Knowledge of perspective

This course is included in Begina Kids Club program.

Piano Lessons

We have a qualified music teacher and dedicated instrumental learning space on site.

Our flexible and specialised courses cater for toddlers, children and adults.The range of lessons includes beginners, all the way through to more advanced courses and lessons to refresh your skills.

The Begina kids club group piano lessons have been structured to introduce students to music through listening, interacting and music appreciation & enlightenment and enjoyment.

It gives students the opportunity to co-operate in a fun environment with an emphasis on ‘opening the ears’ before the lessons progress into the technique side of playing the piano.

Individual lessons are available for students who wish to have a more structured lesson and learning towards AMBE examinations. (Bookings are essential for individual lessons – please speak to the centre manager.)


Violin Lessons

We have a qualified music teacher and dedicated instrumental learning space on site.

Our flexible and specialised courses cater for toddlers, children and adults. The range of lessons includes beginners, all the way through to more advanced courses and lessons to refresh your skills.

Individual lessons are available for students who wish to have a more advanced lessons. (Bookings are essential for individual lessons – please speak to the centre manager.)

Lego, Robotics and Coding

Robotic programming and coding is part of STEM program and is promoted extensively in the OECD countries’ school system.

A growing demand for talents in artificial intelligence research and development have been signalling that there will be a significant demand in the job market for robotic programmers and other related positions.

Our robotic programming and coding class will provide students with fundamental knowledge and solid concepts in robotic programming.

Scratch, an interactive program language developed by MIT in USA, will be used in the subject delivery. Students will learn from basics that how to use the existing program modules to manipulate the robot and then to a higher level of developing their own modular program to instruct the robot to execute different commands.

Once students are familiar to the logics of the modular program, they are encouraged to work on the projects which developed jointly with their class teachers. The robotic programming class will be an interesting and rewarding exercise for kids who like to explore new stuff and potentially it will prepare the kids for the skills that may not even exist now.

3D Printing

Our society have been experiencing tremendous change due to the technological progress in the last two decades.

The traditional education system can not well equipped our children for the future transformation.

Introducing STEM program to our school system is part of current education reform in Australia. 3D design and 3D printing are the key components of the STEM program.

3D design and 3D printing skills are already valued resources in industries like engineering, medicine, architecture, art, design, and more.

In our 3D printing program, students will learn the basic skills in 3D object design, and apply the completed design object to the 3D printing as well.

It will be a fun and interactive learning process, students are not only learn from the written materials, but also spend majority of the time to do the hands on projects either in a group or individually. Our experienced teachers will guide the students to go through the whole learning process.

After attending this course, students should be able to improve their 3D design skills and their 3D imaginary capabilities, besides they will grasp the most updated skills in 3D printing.

Chess Club

At Begina, chess is taught as a way of developing children’s’ non-verbal intelligence. When first entering school, kids are implicitly taught that their measure of their intelligence is based on how well they can read. Those who read well grow up to see themselves as clever and capable. Unfortunately, there are many others who are not so linguistically inclined and internalize negative thoughts about themselves.

Learning chess provides children an opportunity to see themselves as clever, as it teaches one many valuable lessons: to flatter one’s opponent, to lay traps and to see them laid, to be bold and to restrain one’s tendency to boldness, to appear naïve when in truth one is alert, to see the future many moves ahead, and to discover that decisions always have consequences.

Homework Hub

We know that working parents do not always have time to help their children with homework and this can create pressure for both parents and children.

So at Begina After School Club, we have a homework help session! The centre has a dedicated space where children can focus on homework and our trained educators are available to provide support and guidance.

Maths Tutoring

We provide Maths Tutoring for K-Year 6.

Individual Classes

Music Lessons

We have one on one sessions for Piano, guitar and Violin lessons, for bookings please contact us directly.

1-1 Tutoring