Robotic programming and coding is part of STEM program and is promoted extensively in the OECD countries’ school system.

A growing demand for talents in artificial intelligence research and development have been signalling that there will be a significant demand in the job market for robotic programmers and other related positions.

Our robotic programming and coding class will provide students with fundamental knowledge and solid concepts in robotic programming.

Scratch, an interactive program language developed by MIT in USA, will be used in the subject delivery. Students will learn from basics that how to use the existing program modules to manipulate the robot and then to a higher level of developing their own modular program to instruct the robot to execute different commands.

Once students are familiar to the logics of the modular program, they are encouraged to work on the projects which developed jointly with their class teachers. The robotic programming class will be an interesting and rewarding exercise for kids who like to explore new stuff and potentially it will prepare the kids for the skills that may not even exist now.

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