3D Printing

Our society have been experiencing tremendous change due to the technological progress in the last two decades.

The traditional education system can not well equipped our children for the future transformation.

Introducing STEM program to our school system is part of current education reform in Australia. 3D design and 3D printing are the key components of the STEM program.

3D design and 3D printing skills are already valued resources in industries like engineering, medicine, architecture, art, design, and more.

In our 3D printing program, students will learn the basic skills in 3D object design, and apply the completed design object to the 3D printing as well.

It will be a fun and interactive learning process, students are not only learn from the written materials, but also spend majority of the time to do the hands on projects either in a group or individually. Our experienced teachers will guide the students to go through the whole learning process.

After attending this course, students should be able to improve their 3D design skills and their 3D imaginary capabilities, besides they will grasp the most updated skills in 3D printing.

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