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Musical Phonics Lesson

Suitable for children between 2 – 5 years.

For K – Y6, please refer to Spelling and Reading course.

Musical Phonics at Begina is a program that helps children master phonics and develop spelling, reading and speaking skills. It employs a musical approach to make English words easier for children to memorise and imitate.

We use phonics songs that are fun and functional, vocal mimicking while emphasizing the phonemes of the syllables, the usage of flash cards to achieve better relationships between letters and their sounds and phonics readers to develop passion in reading.

Our program covers Phonemic awareness, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and oral presentation skills.

We have a whole scope and sequence of programmes ranging from early literacy through to advanced language and literacy skills.

Each programme is ability-based, and once your child achieves the outcomes of the phase they will be progressed onto the next phase, which builds upon their newly acquired skills.

We work closely with Children who speak a second language at home wish to have a more fun and systematic way to learn English; We also work closely with children who are seeing a speech therapist to assist them to practice the phonics sounds.

Learning Focus Goals: Articulation, Comprehension & Vocabulary, Spelling & Reading

Phonemic awareness is a powerful predictor of the likelihood of reading, spelling, & speaking success

Message from our Founder

Literacy in Australian schools is currently a vital concern in our society. The government, State and federal, the media, and the community at large see the need to refocus on the basics of literacy and numeracy in the teaching of Australia’s youth. Begina Education helps to promote English language skills as well as self esteem and confidence.

Begina Education aims to provide young Australians up to Year 6 with the opportunity to participate in spelling practice that will help to improve their understanding of the English language, their spelling techniques and in consequence their comprehension, and communication skills.

Begina Education endeavours to promote community-based partnerships by engaging members of various communities in advancing the benefits of the literacy basics, encouraging youth involvement and promoting the importance of education, especially reading comprehension and spelling.

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*This offer runs from the 14th-31st of October, and only applies to MnS Musical Phonics