Our “Little Presenter” workshops build confidence and gives your child the skills they need to shine in a team environment. The program is dynamic and is delivered by experienced, professional teachers who are passionate about educating children and young people.

Children are given a topic to research, develop and present to their peers over the course. They will be provided with high level, intensive support to develop their presentation to a professional standard.Students will develop their confidence to create their masterpiece using skills like:

• Improvisation: Learning and consolidating the basics of “making stuff up” on the spot. Thinking on their feet, outside the box, releasing fear and connecting to instinct through theatre games and exercises.

• Vocal / breathing exercises: Finding their ‘big voice’ and exploring their range using articulation games that improve vocal confidence, clarity and dexterity.

• Physical Expression: Releasing fear and exploring a full, imaginative and physical range to create original characters of all types, sizes and shapes.We highlight the importance of face to face communication skills, teach children how to present themselves in front of others and confidently and efficiently deliver their message.

These workshops provide a variety of fun and innovative programs that focus on developing fundamental, 21st Century Learning Values such as Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical-thinking.

Essential skills that will help them shine in a competitive, modern, technology-driven world.

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