Begina Kids Club offers kids the ideal after school and school holiday programs

Do you want your children to explore more extra curriculum activities during after school hours?

We cater for school children aged 5 – 12 years old, we make sure that the children attending our club have an amazing and enjoyable time.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide structured activities to our students to develop their potential in their early years. Each activity has been designed by the professional educators and aimed to fully develop each aspect of students’ potential talents. We provide a relaxing, nurturing and intellectually stimulated learning environment to facilitate the leaning process.

Our Programs

Our program is based on the philosophy that children would learn better when they participate in activities which are of interest to them.

At Begina Kids Club we provide professionally designed programs which are tailored for school kids to develop their talents in every aspect, such as arts, music, literacy, design, science, technology and other programs.

Begina Kid Club is Here

Our aim is to enrich your child’s education and help you on your mission to raise well balanced kids with an ‘academic edge’.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics): Lego, Robotics, Coding and 3D Printing

STEM have been introduced into the NSW school curriculum in the last several years.

Being involved into STEM activities, students can apply their science knowledge into the actual projects they operate.  In the learning by doing model,  students are encouraged to design & build (Lego) by themselves, students are intellectually stimulated by controlling and manipulating robots through coding and programming  (Robotics and Coding) and developed 3D spatial concepts and design skills by designing real 3D objects in applications, and print out the objects with 3D printers.

These STEM activities can effectively assist the students to connect the concepts learned to the real world scenarios.

Piano Lessons

 Group Enlightening Class for beginners and supervised practice for more advanced students

We have a qualified music teacher and dedicated instrumental learning space on site.

The Begina kids club group piano lessons have been structured to introduce students to music through listening, interacting and music appreciation & enlightenment and enjoyment. It gives students the opportunity to co-operate in a fun environment with an emphasis on ‘opening the ears’ before the lessons progress into the technique side of playing the piano.

Individual lessons are available for students who wish to have a more structured lesson and learning towards AMBE examinations.

Art / Painting Lessons

The Begina Art Lessons start to introduce children to various elements, concepts, processes, and techniques that are needed to understand visual arts and the function of the artist, through a series of activities, art appreciation, group discussions and individual informal presentation of works completed.

Spelling and Reading 

Begina Kids Club takes a Word Study approach to spelling and reading. Word study is a method that moves away from the traditional method of memorisation and focuses on the phonemic relationship between letters and sounds.

As an extension of our musical phonics program we encourage children to attempt new vocabulary, spelling and comprehension to help advance their spelling and reading skills.

Learning to read is directly related to the ability to recognise words quickly and easily (automatically). Here at Begina Kids Club we implement activities that focus on meaningful spelling instruction that allows children to understand the logic and patterns behind various spelling and how they apply to different words and contexts.

Homework Hub

The Supervised Homework Hub at Begina is designed for students who require assistance to finish their daily homework, it gives parents the satisfaction that their child is receiving an extra, focussed homework session that will not only enhance or improve their academic performance, but it also gives back to time spent together as a family without the added pressures and stress that daily homework supervision can bring.

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